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MultiVersus: How To Play Bruiser Class (Tips & Tricks)

Here is how to play the Bruiser Class in MultiVersus.

While playing MultiVersus you should learn how to play the Bruiser Class. This class is home to the most number of characters in one class in this game. You can play as Shaggy, Batman, Taz, Garnet, Jake the Dog, and LeBron James with more characters to come. But unlike Tank or a Support their role might not be immediately clear, so in this guide let us check some tips and tricks on how to play the Bruiser class in MultiVersus.

How to Play Bruiser Class in MultiVersus


multiversus tips and tricks to play bruiser class

These are some tips that can help you play fighters from the Bruiser class better in MultiVersus.

  • Understand your Character:
    • I know this first tip sounds very obvious and could be said for every character, but hear me out. Bruiser is a class that is somewhere between a Tank and an Assassin. So the primary goal of this class is to take fights. But you can’t take fights just randomly and start spamming attacks. While technically you could but that won’t allow you to use your character to the fullest. That is where understanding them comes in.
    • Each Bruiser has some moves that you could work similarly to that from a different class like a Support, Tank, Mage, or Assassin. So it will be crucial you try out each Bruiser, especially the characters you enjoy, and learn how their moves work and how you can use them in different situations.
    • Here is an example for Shaggy, the move, Like, Feed the Hunger. This is his Ground down Special, this attack works like a ranged attack and as a support move. Here Shaggy equips a sandwich and throws it at the opponent like a projectile. Any ally that it will pass through will get healed. The effects of this move are even better when used in his Rage state.
  • Synergize with your teammate:
    • This tip ties in with the above tip, you could select your Bruiser based on the character teammate picks. For example, if your teammate picks an Assassin like Harley Quinn or Arya, you could pick a Bruiser like Batman or Shaggy. One of the specials of Batman is Smoke Bomb. Not only does this special give you and your ally Invisibility and Projectile Sidestep, but you also get invulnerability for a short while. Not to mention during this time your dodge meter also recharges faster.
    • So in the above example the Assassin teammate can focus on attacking while your fighter supports them.
  • Focus on combos:
    • Your normal attacks are your best friends when playing as a fighter from the Bruiser class. The primary role of this character is to take fights with the opponents. So their normal attacks are designed in such a way you can follow them up with other normal or special attacks to make unique combos. And the more damage you deal to your opponents the faster you can finish them off.
    • And another sub-tip here is to learn how to dodge. Since you will be in fights almost throughout the match you can’t always keep attacking. Pay attention to how your opponents are attacking, learn their attack pattern and dodge their moves. Again this sounds like a generic tip but is useful more to the Bruiser class due to them being in the center of most fights.
  • Use The Lab:
    • Finally, the most important thing do to is try out each Bruiser fighter in The Lab. This is a general tip that you can also use for other characters. But trying out each fighter can help you decide which to unlock next. So when you are practicing you will be able to understand the moves that are specific to your fighter. And it will help you choose whether to unlock them or not.


That covers this guide on how to play as Bruiser Class in MultiVersus and tips & tricks. Since you like playing this game be sure to check out our other MultiVersus guides to get help with similar topics.

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