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Minecraft Greenhouse Build Guide

Learn how to make a Greenhouse in Minecraft from this guide.

Minecraft is an amazing Sandbox game that brings the 2D Pixels aesthetic to a 3D game. Many players have made amazing stuff like Monumental Builds, RPG Realms, Redstone Machines, etc. The game can be made as relaxed as Farming or as intense as a Dungeon Crawler. Speaking of Farming, Greenhouses play a Vital Role in Growing Crops. Although that’s not how it works in Minecraft, it is pretty nice to have an aesthetic building for your plants. In this guide, I will show you how to Make a Greenhouse in Minecraft.

How to Make a Greenhouse in Minecraft

make greenhouse minecraft
Image Source – SheraNom

A Greenhouse usually has a Wooden or Stone Frame with Glass Walls & Roof. Along with that, there is a Dome on top of the Roof that is Curved. Here are some tips on making a Greenhouse in Minecraft.

  • Use Darker shades of Wood like Spruce or Dark Oak.
  • Before making your Dream Greenhouse, you should plan out the Shape of it.
  • Pre-planning will help you save resources & time.
  • For builds like these, having White-Stained Glass is perfect.
  • With the Wooden Blocks, make the Frame of your Greenhouse.
  • Make the Roof of it in the shape of a dome.
  • You can make it into a Square for a more modern look but the Round roof gives a pleasing aesthetic.
  • When you are done making the Pillars of your Greenhouse, make sure to connect them with Wooden Stairs & Wooden Planks.
  • This will give a more solid look to the Structure instead of it floating in the air.
  • The Flooring of your Greenhouse should be made in a Modular format.
  • This will allow you to separate each farm and create automatic Machines to grow & harvest them.

Since it is a Decorative Build, being as creative as possible will make your Greenhouse pop out. Using Blocks like Stairs, Slabs, Light Sources, Vines, Leaves, etc. will give an authentic look. If you want a visual aid then I highly recommend watching a video from SheraNom.

This was all about making a Greenhouse in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Minecraft Librarian Villager Guide.

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