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Lost Ark Guardian Stone Fragments: How To Farm & Get

Wondering how to farm and get Guardian Stone Fragments in Lost Ark? We have it covered.

Lost Ark is the recent top-down fantasy massively multiplayer online action role-playing game on Steam that is trending among gamers. It was the second most played game within twenty-four hours after its release. The game has a plethora of items and resources that you will unlock in the world of Arkesia. Along with this, the weaponry and armor have potentially impressed quite a lot of players. While traveling the world of Arkesia you will come across an important resource called Guardian Stone Fragments. This guide will show you how to farm and get these Guardian Stone Fragments in Lost Ark.

How to Farm & Get Guardian Stone Fragments in Lost Ark


Lost Ark Farm and Get Guardian Stone Fragments

Guardian Stone Fragments are one of the most important items when it comes to honing your Tier 1 gear. While trying to hone gears, you are bound to lose quite a few of these fragments. So we recommend you follow the steps in this guide to farm and get Guardian Stone Fragments:

  • The best way to farm Guardian Stone Fragments would be the Chaos Dungeon and the Chaos Dungeon Rohendel.
  • Complete these two dungeon raids with each character to farm more and more fragments. You can later on mail them to your original character to level up.
  • Additionally, the higher the level of the dungeon, the more chances of getting these fragments in higher quantities.
  • You can also get the Guardian Stone Fragments by dismantling the items that you get in these raids.
  • Apart from this, you can also collect Perception Shards dropped during the raids. You can take them to the Shard Exchange Vendor and exchange them for the fragments. However, you can only do this a few times every week.
  • Next, you can go to the Bloodstone Vendor and purchase the fragments with these bloodstones.
  • Although it needs some effort, you can get fragments from the welcome challenges for islands. Completing them will reward you with fragments.
  • Last but not least is Mari’s Secret Shop, you can purchase the fragments here in exchange for crystals.
  • While an expensive option, buying from other players is also a way to get Guardian Stone Fragments in Lost Ark.


That’s all you need on how to farm and get Guardian Stone Fragments in Lost Ark. If you liked this guide, we have more Lost Ark guides, tips, and tricks waiting for you at Gamer Tweak.

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