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Multiversus Mobile: How To Download APK & Play

Here's how to download and play Multiversus on both Android & iOS mobile and tablet devices.

Multiversus is considered now the best crossover fighting game released to date. With over 5 million players, Multiversus is available to all players on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. But there might be times when you wish to continue the game on your mobile devices. So if you wondering the same then don’t worry you are at the right place already. Today will show you how to download and play Multiversus APK or stream on both Android & iOS mobile and tablet devices.

Is or Will Multiversus Be on Mobile Phones?


As of now Player First Games (devs) has not announced any official plans to develop the game for Android, iOS, or Switch as of now. The entire team is getting ready for the release, adding more characters to the roster, fixing current glitches, and so on. So right now the only way to play the is on the following gaming devices:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S

How to Play MultiVersus on Mobile?


How to Play MultiVersus on Mobile

There are three main ways to play Multiversus  on mobile:

  • Cloud Stream
  • Remote Play
  • Third-party APK injection (this will be updated later once APK is stable)


Let’s look at each of them to get your game ready right away.

How to Play Multiversus via Cloud Stream?

Here are the links to play Multiversus using Cloud Stream services now:


Can You Play Multiversus on Xbox Cloud Stream With Game Pass

MultiVersus is currently on Xbox devices as free to play game, there might not be added game pass. But as some unconfirmed sources leaked, Microsoft may offer the game via the Xbox cloud service just like Fortnite. Here’s how to stream Multiversus  on your mobile using the Xbox cloud if it is added:

  • Download the Xbox Game Pass app for Android devices in:
  • On your Apple device, go to Xbox.com/play“.
  • Use your Microsoft account with Game Pass Ultimate to sign in.
  • Hopefully, you won’t be needing Game Pass just like Fortnite.
  • Select Multiversus from the cloud category to play it.
  • On Android, open the Game Pass app.
  • Multiversus will be on the front page banner.
  • If you can’t see it, go to the all games category.
  • Click on Multiversus to play the game on the cloud.

How to Play Multiversus Using Xbox Remote Play?

To set up the Xbox remote play for Multiversus is pretty simple:

  • Go to Settings on your Xbox console.
  • Scroll to the “Devices and connections” tab.
  • Inside you will find “Remote Features”.
  • Now go to “Power Mode” and select “Instant-on”.
  • Now tick the “Enable remote features” option using the “A” button.
  • Then it will test your network setup.
  • You will get three types of notifications here:
    • Green tick marks
    • Yellow notifications
    • Red stop sign
  • You need to address any pending red signs to enable this feature.
  • Now connect your Xbox Bluetooth controller to your phone after pressing the sync button.
  • Download the Xbox Beta app.
  • Once done, open the app, and click on the “Remote Play” button.
  • This will be the button on the top right of the phone screen.
  • It will be beside the notifications icon, with a console and signals icon.
  • Now you will be able to control your Xbox from your phone.
  • Open up Multiversus and enjoy.

How to Play Multiversus Using PlayStation 4 or 5 Remote Play?

Setting up the PS4 & PS5 remote play for Multiversus is pretty simple:

  1. Download the free PS Remote Play app
  2. Connect your PlayStation controller to your device
  3. Start Multiversus on your PS4 or PS5
  4. Start the PS Remote Play app on your device
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to get started

That’s all about how to download and play Multiversus APK or stream on both Android & iOS mobile and tablet devices. We have lots of tips & tricks covered in our Multiversus Guides for you to win the game with other characters now.

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