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Raid Shadow Legends: How To Get Sacred Shards

Here's how you can summon Epic or Legendary Champions in Raid Shadow Legends with this guide on how to get Sacred Shards.

Raid Shadow Legends is a fantasy role-playing gacha game that takes place in the realm of Teleria. In the fictional world, one of the most important resources is Shards. While they come in different types, each holds a value of its own as you progress in the game. These Shards can summon Epic or Legendary Champions that will be of use to you in Teleria. Here we are going to show you one of the Shards called Sacred Shards. This guide has all you need on how to get Sacred Shards in Raid Shadow Legends.

How to Get Sacred Shards in Raid Shadow Legends


Raid Shadow Legends Get Sacred Shards
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While they are certainly even more difficult to get when compared to Void Shards, they are worth it. The most important parts in getting Sacred Shards are consistency and dedication to the game. If you have those, here’s how to get Sacred Shards in Raid Shadow Legends:

  • The daily player login after a span of time in the game, usually a few days, starts rewarding shards. Make sure you collect those every day.
  • Your progress to higher levels in the game is another key if you are out to get Sacred Shards.
  • If you collect a certain amount of stars in Faction Wars, you will get Star Rewards. After a high number of stars, you can get Sacred Shards. Additionally, it also works in Campaign Mode for Normal, Hard, Brutal, and Nightmare mode.
  • Completing Dungeon Challenges and objectives are a great way to get Sacred Shards.
  • You can get Sacred Shards in the game for completing Events, Tournaments, and even Monthly Quests.
  • While you play the game, 151 Missions completed in the game will reward you with a Sacred Shard.
  • Although the chances of getting Sacred Shards through fighting bosses in clan battles are random, you can still try it.
  • You can complete the Doom Tower to get Sacred Shards. And you can also participate in the Tag Team Arena to get Platinum Chests.
  • Additionally, you can Purchase Packs and send referral links to improve your chances of getting more Sacred Shards.


That’s all you need from this guide on how to get Sacred Shards in Raid Shadow Legends. While you are here, make sure you check out our Guides for more content with Gamer Tweak.

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